Flora, fauna and Birdwatching

The West Wimmera region is alive with an abundance of nature scenery, fauna, flora and opportunities for birdwatching.  nature combo photo.png

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Kaniva Wetlands and Fauna Park - A range of animals, birds, natural bush and walking tracks. 

Little Desert - Low lying scrub, wildflowers and Mallee Fowl. 

Big Desert Wilderness Park - perfect for Hiking in true bushlands, and birdwatching.

Lake Charlegrack - Beautiful Scenery and fishing for Murray Cod. Perfect birdwatching location for Brolga and Speckled Duck.

Apsley - Worlds Biggest Flowering Gum, Newlands Nature Walking Trail through red gums to look for red-tail black cockatoo and rare wildflowers. 

Lake Bringalbert - Prime location for birdwatching with free camping, boating and fishing. 

Harrow - Glenelg River has a range of culturally and historically significant scar trees, ring trees and dugout canoe trees. Redfin fishing also popular when in season. 

Dergholm National Park  - Home of Baileys Rocks, lovely sport for bushwalks. Plenty of local wildlife suck as kangaroos, emus and sugar gliders. Wildflowers and Orchids when in season. 

Edenhope - Common to see red-tail black cockatoos and wildflowers. 

Lake Wallace - Ideal birdwatching for Brolga in its natural habitat.