Adding another scenic layer to West Wimmera’s tourist cache is the pristine bushland of Dergholm’s state forest. Just a short drive south of Apsley, it makes for a wonderful nature retreat with an abundance of wildlife, bushwalks and camping among ancient granite rocks. And beyond the bush, Dergholm also has a superb outback pub, which for many is reason alone to visit.


Dergholm’s most famous attraction is Baileys Rocks. Dating back some 500 millions years, these mysterious green-tinged granite boulders offer an evocative sight among the tranquil bushland. They’re believed to be among the oldest granite rocks in the state, and it’s a lovely spot for bushwalks and to pitch a tent under the stars. Here you’ll see plenty of kangaroos and emus, but don’t forget to look up at night to spot sugargliders leaping between trees. And come spring you’ll be treated to the added bonus of rare orchids and wildflowers in bloom.

While there are no shops in Dergholm, miraculously it does have a pub. And it’s a good one too, appearing out of the bush to serve up cold beers and its legendary woodfired pizzas on Sundays.