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West Wimmera Shire waterways are part of the Millicent Coast Basin. There are a few recreational lakes and wetlands that are suitable for angling. Murry cod and golden perch have been introduced into a number of waterways in the shire. 

Native speices in the shire include Murray cod, golden perch, flathead gudgeon, Australian smelt, southern pygmy perch and Yarra pygmt perch (protected). Introduced species include brown trout, rainbow trout, goldfish, redfin and tench. 

Stocking Program: Native fish are stocked into Lake Bringalbert, Lake Carpolac, Lake Charlegrark and Miga Lake. Brown trout and/or rainbow trout are stocked into Lske Wallace.

Below is a list of fishing locations in West Wimmera Shire. 

Bringalbert Lake, Bringalbert

A natural lake surrounded by grazing land and scrub. When full, contained redfin to 900g, flathead gudgeon and Australian smelt. Has been stocked in the past with golden perch.

Lake Carpolac, Ozenkadnook

A natural lake surrounded by grazing land. Contained redfin, flathead gudgeon, and goldfish. Has been stocked in the past with Murray cod and golden perch.

Lake Charlegrark, Minimay

A natural lake surrounded by farmland. Camping facilities with powered sites are available at the recreation reserve. Lake Charlegrark was the site where the Murray cod propagation techniques now used at the Snobs Creek hatchery were developed. Contains Murray cod to 35 kg, goldfish, Australian smelt, flathead gudgeon and redfin at times.

Murray cod is released Lake Charlegrark annually. Boat ramp is available.

Miga Lake, Miga Lake

A natural lake surrounded by farmland. Has a fringe of redgums and a sand bottom. Contains Murray cod, golden perch, redfin and yabbies.

Mosquito Creek, Langkoop

Flows through cleared land and consists of deep pools separated by very shallow runs and abundant aquatic vegetation. Carries a few brown trout, rainbow trout and Yarra pygmy perch.

Lake Ratzcastle, Goroke

A very shallow, sand-bottom lake surrounded by light forest. Carries abundant redfin of a good average size when conditions are suitable, also tench. Is stocked regularly with golden perch. Freshwater catfish were illegally stocked during the 1990s.

Lake Wallace, Edenhope

A popular fishing water, reasonable for fly-fishing, and capable of supporting heavier fishing pressure.  The lake is usually stocked with brown trout and rainbow trout when water conditions are favourable.